Not in the mood

I had grand plans to write a post about my family of origin tonight.  I decided to throw open this blog to (most) friends and family.  I figure, what’s the worst that can happen? they think I’m crazy? I already know I’m crazy 😉  They stop talking to me?  well that would be their loss.  Not believe me? well that’s their choice.

I’m not sure why, but I have a blinding headache tonight.  Quite probably lack of sleep.  I get enough hours in bed, but I can’t get off to sleep or stay asleep lately.  So I won’t write the post about my family tonight but hopefully I will tomorrow.

At least I had a productive afternoon, finally getting the courage to call the dentist, remembering to call the knee specialist, booking some scans that I need done and a few other thing I can’t remember right now.  Sammie had her first session with a therapy group about how to deal with bullies and I think that went well.

And that’s it from me tonight.  Goodnight.