What a day!

I am completely exhausted tonight, but I really wanted to keep up my “a post a day” goal, so I thought I’d write a quick post before getting a few hours sleep before Rose wakes up again.

Work today was a nightmare.  It was the worst afternoon shift I’ve had in my life (not just as an registered nurse, but in the years I was a student and the years I was an assistant nurse in aged care which is a pretty tough job).  Continue reading


Old posts April 2002

These posts come from a depression support forum I was a member of.  They were from a section about medications.  They start from the first time I went to hospital for my depression in April when I was suicidal and just sent me home with a medication I should never have been given and at a dangerously high dose.  I haven’t included other people’s posts for privacy reasons so if it feels like parts of conversations are missing, that is probably why. Continue reading

Work this week…

I’ve had another quiet day today.  A rest day to catch up on sleep before four days at work in a row and my first performance review for the ward I’m working on currently.

I’m sure it doesn’t sound like much, and to most people, it probably isn’t much, but between my anxiety and physical health problems and my current job, so far I’ve not managed more than two days in a row and more than three days in a week.  The last time I tried working just three days in a row I ended up sick by the third day and went home after 45 minutes.  Continue reading