Surviving The Crash After The Crush (The Male Borderline)

This article sums up my exhusband completely. It’s rare to find male BPD recognised, let alone described in detail. Wonderful article for those who are or have been married to someone with BPD

Don't Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out

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This is absolutely the best article I have ever read on Borderline Personality Disorder.

Surviving the Crash after your Crush

By Shari Schreiber, M.A.

You’ll be learning about dangerous men here, and how to avoid them. There are very few females who haven’t encountered a borderline disordered male atsome point during their lifetime, whether he’s been a fellow employee, a boss, a neighbor, or somebody from an online dating site–where there’s an exceptionally high ratio of them. Just wanna get laid?? Stay right where you are. Seeking a healthy partnership? Stop fishing in contaminated ponds, and commit to the hard inner work it takes to heal and grow, so you can finallyaccept the love you need.

Admittedly, I had a challenging time starting this article, because the bulk of people who contacted me about their BPD relationships had been men–but I kept…

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Silent Treatment (Worst Form Of Emotional Abuse)

Not a type of abuse I copped much in my first marriage thankfully, so not something that bothers me much on a personal level (for me, it’s lies and hypocrisy that bother me) but yet, on a non-personal level, I find this type of emotional abuse to be one of the most disgusting because, just like the physical abuser who targets their blows to leave no visible injuries, the avoidant abuser uses silent treatment to hide the damage they are doing, to claim they are not abusers and aren’t “doing anything wrong”

Don't Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out

Fotolia_42525766_Subscription_XL (Custom)Punishing By Banishing You

The silent treatment (feigned apathy; cold-shoulder; silence; distance, and ignoring you) is the worst form of emotional abuse. It is a punishment used by abusers to make you feel unimportant, not valued, not cared about and completely absent from the abuser’s thoughts.

It is used as a form of non-physical punishment and control because the abuser mistakenly thinks that if they don’t physically harm you then they are not abusers. The truth is, they are far worse at doling out abuse than the physical abuser. Silent treatment is a form of banishing someone from the abuser’s existence without the benefit of closure or a good-bye or a chance at reconciliation. In a word … it’s meant to torture someone you profess to love.

No Second Chance

Should I meet someone again who uses this tactic just once he will not get another chance. Because the silent treatment…

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