Trauma & Autism

As some one who has been through horrific trauma and “suffer” from an autistic spectrum condition (sorry, I really don’t like autistic spectrum “disorder”), it’s nice to see that the particular damage done to people with ASC by trauma is at least being recognised by some people.

God help anyone who ever tries to lock my child in a room screaming for 30 minutes! I’ve been locked in a human cage, and any “professional” who tries to push that on an innocent child is sadistic and cruel and is no “therapist”.

Emma's Hope Book

Studies confirm that people who are Autistic often respond to stimuli more intensely than those who are not.  Hypo and hyper sensitivities are often discussed when it comes to vision, taste, hearing, smell and touch in Autistic people.  Often there is a mixture of both hyper and hypo sensitivities in any one person.  (I use these terms because we have a lack of good words to describe these things.  Both hyper and hypo sensitivities are subjective and are used in comparison to non autistic people, which is problematic in and of itself, but for the sake of this post, it is the best language I have.)  What happens to a person who experiences the world more intensely than the majority of people, particularly when confronted with frightening situations, anger, loud noises, etc?

Recent studies have confirmed that children with autism have very active Amygdalas; the center of the brain…

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