Lack of services does not cause child abuse

My readers feel free to check out my thoughts on this article in the comment section of the original. It raises an issue very close to my heart as Sammie’s biofather used her autism as an excuse for his abuse of her. It’s not okay, or even excusable, to blame a person’s disability for abusing them. It’s sickening – it’s worse than abusing a non-disabled person because a disabled person is already vulnerable enough without so called “loved ones” abusing them as well.

Abuse is not okay, it’s never okay, it’s not excusable, and abusing someone with a disability because of their disability is the lowest of the low.

Michelle Sutton

This post carries a trigger warning for discussion about abuse of disabled children and people sympathising with their abusers.

Apparently lots of people think it is ok to feel sorry for people who abuse their Autistic children because there is a “lack of services” available.

Let me be clear: I wholeheartedly disagree.

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