A Song of Ice and Fire: Comorbid Diagnosis

An interesting blog post I found that I thought I’d share. My plan is to read more of this blog as it sounds interesting.

The Artism Spectrum

iceandfireFULL *Shameless Game of Thrones reference*

I apologize for the recent lack of updates. Lately I’ve been working more hours at my job than I used to, and I still haven’t learned how to balance multiple projects at a time. I promise that I will eventually finish writing up my series on neurologically mixed relationships. For now, this shorter post on a different topic is all I can manage. Here’s hoping I’ll get be able to get back to my more in-depth series soon!

A major diagnosis like autism can sometimes feel like quite a burden.   But, in many ways, having a label is a relief. With a label you have a frame of reference, a community of people like you, and decades of research to help guide your own personal journey of soul-searching and self-improvement.

But what if there’s more to the story? What happens when, as you…

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