News Article on Hearing Voices

Been meaning to share this for a while.  It’s a news article on hearing voices that I found very useful to understanding what hearing voices is like.


A Song of Ice and Fire: Comorbid Diagnosis

An interesting blog post I found that I thought I’d share. My plan is to read more of this blog as it sounds interesting.

The Artism Spectrum

iceandfireFULL *Shameless Game of Thrones reference*

I apologize for the recent lack of updates. Lately I’ve been working more hours at my job than I used to, and I still haven’t learned how to balance multiple projects at a time. I promise that I will eventually finish writing up my series on neurologically mixed relationships. For now, this shorter post on a different topic is all I can manage. Here’s hoping I’ll get be able to get back to my more in-depth series soon!

A major diagnosis like autism can sometimes feel like quite a burden.   But, in many ways, having a label is a relief. With a label you have a frame of reference, a community of people like you, and decades of research to help guide your own personal journey of soul-searching and self-improvement.

But what if there’s more to the story? What happens when, as you…

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Sorry for the timeout

So… not sure how long it has been.  Probably nearly 6 months since my last blog post.  I do apologise – a lot has happened yet not really that much has happened.  The truth is, I just let the stress of being off work and trying to get back to work get on top of me, and once I was back at work, I got caught up in trying to keep up with work and health problems and being a mum – as most mums know, its the most rewarding yet busy job in the world being a mum.

I’ve decided to set myself a new goal of only (a minimum) of one post a week.  I hope to write more but my goal is at least one per week – to keep myself motivated to post regularly, while at the same time, to not feel bad if I don’t post every day like I was trying to in the past.  The problem I find is once I fall below my minimum goal, I feel embarrassed and get too anxious to post again and then stop posting altogether.  I think if I set a reasonable goal of one post a week, I won’t fall into the “I’ve missed a day, I’m too embarrassed to post the next day” anxiety trap as I did on here and I have done on blogs in the past.

So where are things at?  Well my current work position is coming to end.  It was a contract so I always knew it would come to an end.  Unfortunately I’ve hit the problem now that there just isn’t many positions going, and everyone I’ve applied with through my current employer, the problem is that permanent staff have preference over temp staff, so I keep missing out purely because I’m a temp and all available positions were filled by permanent staff.  So it’s back to applying for anything and everything in the field of nursing that I can do part time.  Unfortunately my physical health continues to get gradually worse, so full time is just not an option.    I’ll write more on these things another time but at the moment, I just wanted to update everyone that I’m alive, I’m ok (as I ever was anyway) and that I’m back.

The kids are fine.  Sammie is doing well with her ADHD medication.  She still suffers from “teenager syndrome” but I guess there never has been a cure for being a teenager other than to become an adult.  I look forward to the day she becomes ones 😉  Rose is also doing well.  She’s passed 18 months since my last post, and she’s a happy, healthy little girl.  She’s learnt how to throw toddler tantrums which is sadly quite normal developmentally but generally she’s a very well behaved, polite little girl.  She says please and thank you (“pee” and “ta”) which is more than I can say for Sammie lol.  And I’m not kidding when I say I think she is genuinely learning a new word every single day.  It’s quite an experience for me as Sammie was a little slow to talk (although she sure makes up for it now!).

And John?  Well John still struggles with his own depression and anxiety and I find at times I get frustrated because a medical specialist thinks that with treating a certain medical condition he has, that it might fix his depression and anxiety altogether, or at least get rid of most of it.  But for all his good qualities, stubbornness is definitely his worst, and he is incredibly stubborn about not accepting help – and that sadly includes help for medical stuff.  So it’s something we’re working on dealing with.

So that is a quick summary of where things are at.  There is so much more to unpack in what I’ve shared but that will be for another time.  At the moment just not feeling physically well at all.  It could be “just a cold” combined with a fibromyalgia flare up, or it could be some hormonal stuff going on, or the cold, rainy weather making osteoarthritis worse, or just being run down, or a combination of all of the above and more.  All I know is for the last week I’ve been sleeping 18-20 hours a day and aching all over but I figure, like anything else, it will eventually pass.  I hope.

Thanks for sticking with my blog and I will be active again now I’m back 🙂