Road trip over

So our road trip went pretty good. Unfortunately by the time we got in at 4:30am I was too tired to post last night.

It was interesting. We ended up having to separate Rose and Sammie for a few hours. I thought being 12 years apart, they wouldn’t fight like siblings close in age do but I was so wrong! Rose has discovered she likes kicking people who sit next to her and Sammie ended up having meltdowns because she hates being touched even at the best of times.

So we ended up putting John in the back with Rose and Sammie in the front while I drove. It’s a long drive but thankfully did it in decent time. Only took around an hour longer than my fastest drive of the route we took. Pretty good with two screaming kids!

So coming up to Christmas, I’m still pretty excited. Sorted out nearly all the presents tonight. Wrapped all the ones I plan to wrap. Now just gotta buy a few last minutes things on Christmas Eve (fresh food for Christmas Day) and that’s everything done.

And on a totally different topic, tonight I’m starting a new medication. Going to try valdoxan to see if it helps with my awful insomnia. It’s already making me feel drowsy so hopefully that’s a good sign. I’ll share how it goes in a few days when I see any effect (hopefully just good effects).

Good luck in all your last minute preparations for Christmas 🙂


One thought on “Road trip over

  1. I hope you can get some proper rest before the madness of christmas day. Ask John if he can drop you off and pick you as the shops are crazy busy here so i’m thinking it might be the same up there.

    Maybe you should separate the girls on the drive back home as well, although with it being a long drive they both might just sleep. I hope you and John take it in turns of driving home and take lots of rest stops.


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