Psychiatrist appointment

So I see my psychiatrist for the first time in two? months tomorrow.  I just spent the last three hours writing a letter to her as I’m too easily distracted to say what I want to say when I take Rose with me to my appointments.  It’s only four pages long which is short for when I write down how I’m feeling for a psych of any type.  Unfortunately it means I’m all out of words for tonight.  Hopefully I’ll be awake tomorrow to write how it goes because a big part of the letter is telling her I disagree with her on something important that has been on my mind since I started seeing her so I’m hoping she takes it well.  I did end the letter by thanking her for the the great help she’s been to me this year so I hope at least if she still disagrees with me, that she sees I still respect her and appreciate all she’s done.  Wish me luck! (especially luck with waking up in a few hours!!!)


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