Nearly forgot to post tonight

Actually twice now I’ve gone to write a post tonight, got distracted and forgotten.  Was just to go about to go to bed and then thought, oops I better remember this time.

Not that anything exciting happened today and far too tired to write anything exciting about my past.  I did get a lot of housework done though.  An endless supply of washing, the dishes and lots and lots of sorting that I’ve been wanting to do for a while that I haven’t even attempted since I got out of hospital and was hypomanic.  I’m not hypomanic now…. just feeling the pressure of going away coming up.  Even though my house is a disaster because I’m usually too exhausted and in too much pain to tackle it, I despite disorder.

I also feel good because I’ve been able to give away some stuff to make more space around the house.  Not heaps of stuff, but enough that I feel like I’ve made a difference.  Waiting for half of it to be picked up still, but hoping that will happen tomorrow.  I always feel such an achievement when I managed to get rid of stuff.  I know my OCD is only mild, but I just hate letting go of things.  So being able to get rid of anything without having an anxious break down is really good for me.

And that was the extent of my day.  I have a rare day off tomorrow with Rose at childcare, no work, no medical appointments, no other appointments, so I’m hoping to finally catch up on some sleep, then keep sorting and hopefully get rid of some more stuff, and if I’m really lucky I might just make it to the gym too.


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