Wishing some professionals were more professionals

Well no surprise…. no response from either the person at Royal Brisbane hospital who said I would be contacted end of November (and I sent a reminder email) nor is there even a confirmation from the office of the information commission that they have received my email response to their response (that took them 8 months to write what would have taken them 2 hours maximum to write).

Surprisingly though, no response from the psychologist about a rather expensive therapy group I was interested in who I contacted two months ago, who took a month to email me back, I replied within 24 hours, and yet it’s been another whole month and still no answer.  I also sent another email a few days ago asking if she could please update me as her email a month ago was saying a colleague would contact me within a few days to arrange an appointment.

And yet the general public wonder why many people with depression and anxiety just give up and stop asking for help???  People with depression and anxiety struggle just to get through each day.  Same with people who have chronic health problems.  And I have all of the above.  I’m not currently depressed, but it doesn’t mean every setback isn’t a battle not to fall into depression.  And just because I’m not depressed, doesn’t mean my PTSD is gone and this constant battling to get basic things wears me down terribly.

I don’t know anymore.   I try to remain optimistic but it’s just so hard to stay optimistic when I have to constantly battle for things that the average person takes for granted, whether it’s healthcare, being treated respectfully etc.  I’m just so emotionally and physically tired.

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