The NDIS and us

I forgot to write last night that I got around to calling up the NDIA about how my family will be affected by the NDIS.

Unfortunately it looks like I won’t be able to access it until April 2016.  Which I guess is to be expected but I had hoped it would be next year because there was funding for something that I didn’t want to have to wait another 16 months for, but I’m a patient person and used to waiting for things so I’ll survive.

But the good news is Sammie’s age group is able to access the NDIS in January next year.  Last I heard (two weeks ago when we saw the paediatrician) there was very little (no useful) assistance for kids with ASD in her age group but after talking to a lovely lady at the local autism support organisation at the christmas party last night, it looks like there are some options now available for kids Sammie’s age as it gets closer to the launch date for their age.

So I have an appointment in the morning with the lady from the autism support organisation who has details about the services that will be available for Sammie next year.  It’s a relief knowing there will be something available to help her.


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