Should be angry

I should be feeling angry, but other than a bit of disgust, I can’t bring myself to be angry.

For the last 16+ months I’ve been battling to get my medical records from the Royal Brisbane Hospital  After 8 months, I finally got partial access (so much for their 30 day time limit for access requests).  Anyway, I appealed to the office of the information commissioner about them withholding part of my records to cover up untrue things staff have said about me.

Today, after a further 8 months, I finally heard back from the OIC and they too are claiming that handing over the rest of my records is “not in the public interest”.  I am absolutely disgusted.  I thought the OIC was supposed to be independent.  I didn’t think they’d help a hospital hide defamatory untrue statements in a person’s medical record, but since they all work for the Qld government, I am not the least bit surprised.

I have lodged an appeal (something that took me less than hour to do the same amount of work that took them 8 months to do).  I’m not holding my breath though – it will probably take them another 8 months to not read my letter, to not address the issues I raised and to come to the same bogus decision.

If it was just me it affected, I would let it go, but it’s not just me.  It’s every person who has been through the Qld mental health system who is at risk of what I’ve been through and many of them HAVE been through it.  And allowing so called “professionals” to write deliberately untrue, defamatory information in someone’s medical record knowing full well that untrue information will lead other professionals to treat the person in a substandard manner (including physical health professionals as Qld hospitals integrate physical and mental health records) literally ruins people’s lives.

Thankfully my life was only damaged, not destroyed or ended like other victim’s lives, but not many people have the will in them left to fight these abusers.  I do have the will left in me so I feel it’s my duty to keep fighting for those who don’t.  I won’t lie down and take this.  I will continue to fight this to the very top.  I will fight to get those records and I will make a precedent for standing up against so called “professionals” who abuse mental health patients by writing untrue things about them in retaliation for making complaints.


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