Anyone who claims that people with autism lack empathy…

Anyone who claims that people with autism lack empathy, have obviously never tried raising a teenager with ASD!

Today as the cricket world mourns the death of Phil Hughes, I have spent the afternoon trying to comfort a desperately distraught Sammie.  Cricket is her passion/obsession and she worships cricket players who play for Australia.

And the hardest part is nothing I say or do brings any comfort to her.  I know how upset she is because she actually asked for a hug  – something she only does maybe a few times a year.  And it scares me, because I don’t think she realises just how close my grandmother is to passing away in the next few months and I am scared because it may tip her over into a genuine depressive episode.

That’s one of the hardest parts of having aspergers – people with aspergers do feel emotions, and many feel them deeply, often more deeply than the average neurotypical person, but the difficulty expressing them in a way that others understand and knowing how to ask for help dealing with the emotions in a way that others will understand.

I know because even though the pain I have been though hasn’t been the death of a sports here, rather my pain was being an abuse survivor, but ultimately, pain is pain, and I know how hard it has been to get people to understand when I have been suffering deeply.

Which is why I want to help Sammie.  Because I can see how much pain she is in.  I just wish I knew more about what will make her feel better.  I will keep trying everything I know and ask for professional advice, but it breaks my heart to see her so sad.


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