Physical health update

Well had some news on the physical health front today….

Saw my gynaecologist.  The ultrasound showed nothing – but that was expected as previous ones showed nothing.  She suggested a laparoscopy to check for endometriosis. I’ve had a hysteroscope already that shows adhesions on my uterus and right fallopian tube (which is probably blocked but since I was able to conceive, the other one obviously works so they won’t investigate that part further).  So now to check if I have adhesions elsewhere too.  She said come in two weeks to give her my answer but at this stage I’m leaning towards having it done.

The problem is, due to my other health problems, any surgery is a big risk.  She’s also worried that it will make my back injury worse (apparently the position they do the surgery in can cause back problems in people who already have back injuries).  And of course, there is the risk with abdominal surgery that it can cause adhesions itself which is why I had the hysteroscope and not a laparoscope done two years ago.  It’s a tough decision though – the laparscope may not find anything and may leave me in more pain.  Or if it is endometriosis, it may give me answers but still no relief from my pain.  Or it might do wonders for my pain (because they’ll try to cauterise any adhesions they do find).  I just don’t know. It could help, it could do nothing, it could make things worse.

But the pain is already really bad a lot of the time so I keep thinking it’s worth a try.  I don’t know.  She can’t give me odds of chances of it helping versus doing nothing or making it worse.  So all I can do is pray and make a decision and hope it’s the right one.

The other news is I have torn cartilage in my shoulder from when I was assaulted 11 years ago (one day I’ll share that story).  This is as well as the bursitis and arthritis and other issues I already knew about.  It explains why my left shoulder is worse than the right though.  The ultrasound pretty much showed that my shoulders had equal problems, but this x-ray now shows why the left is worse.  Other than that, I already had the results of my hand x-rays that were sent to me a few days after I had it done which showed an unhealed fracture that I still cannot work out when I would have broken my hand.  But it doesn’t hurt, so I’m not worried.

I’m not sure when I’ll be seeing the upper limb orthopaedic doctor (I accidentally missed my appointment because I forgot I’d booked it and I don’t know if she’ll see me and I’ve been too anxious to call her).  But I’ll try to get the courage to call and make an appointment tomorrow.

And other than that, I had a sleep test a few nights ago and I’ll have to wait now til March for the results.  If they can get any results as a few electrodes fell off in my sleep and silly me forgot to put the oxygen saturation probe on my finger.

Right now it feels my life is still just all medical appointments and work and looking after the kids and nothing else.  Not that I’m complaining – work and looking after the kids is all good, and medical appointments are just boring and sometimes expensive – but I just wish I wasn’t so tired all the time at the moment so I could get out and do more fun things.  But such is life.  At least Christmas is coming up when I’ll have three weeks off work and will be visiting friends and family and will have my fun then.

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