Paediatrician Visit

So Sammie had her paediatrician visit today after waiting 21 months to get in. We turned up only to be told that the paediatrician we were supposed to see hadn’t come in for the day, but if we hung around we could see one of the others two hours later – or come back in a few weeks maybe.  So I chose to stay. Which is annoying because the appointment was in the city and there wasn’t much interesting for Sammie to do.

The paediatrician was nice but I’m not sure it achieved anything.  Because everything here is being changed over from government providers to NDIS providers over the next few years, a lot of services have closed down or will be closing down and no one knows yet what will replace them so there is nowhere to refer Sammie to currently.

The point of the visit was to assess how severe Sammie’s ASD and ADHD are currently and to see what supports she needed.  I don’t think we really got that from the visit.  The outcome for now is the paediatrician will talk to Sammie’s school for more info and booked another appointment for five month’s time.  The paediatrician also referred Sammie to child and youth mental health just to assess Sammie to make sure she doesn’t have depression too.  But since she’s not worried too much, it could be many months or a year or more before Sammie gets in for that assessment.

So pretty much the outcome is …. come back in the future and they’ll work out how to support Sammie then.  In the meantime, John and I will just continue to love and support her and hope that is enough.


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