Lost for words

After last night’s difficult-to-write post, tonight I’m finding it hard to come up with words.

I’ve had a very quiet weekend – finally able to catch up on sleep.  About the only two exciting things this weekend that happened is Rose waved goodbye for the first time (to my MIL during our weekly skype call) and Sammie let us cut her hair.

Cutting the hair was kind of a big thing.  Sammie’s biggest autistic sensory issue is having her head and hair touched.  She hasn’t let me brush it for many years, and getting her to brush it herself is a big fight each time.  As a result, she’ll often end up with knots in her hair.  She recently got it to the point where we simply couldn’t get the knots out so today we cut it to ear length.  John cut it because there is no way we could take it to a hairdresser and I think he did a pretty decent job.  Not perfect but good enough that it doesn’t look like a two  year old cut it (like it does when I’ve tried in the past).  We’ll take her to a hairdresser to get it fixed up as soon as we can book her in but for now, it’s very much improved on what it was.

Even though she hates how short it is (it wasn’t meant to be quite so short), she really does look pretty with it how it is.  I mean, I think she looks pretty all the time, but having hair that is straight and not tangled looks much prettier.

And that was the extent of our weekend.  We were too tired for church unfortunately but at least this week we should be able to get to bible study.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have something more exciting to write about, but for now, I’m just really happy to have had a nice relaxing weekend for the whole weekend – something I haven’t had for a while.


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