Online “support” groups

Well after a long day at work (had an assessment before my shift so it’s ended up extra long), I won’t post a long post tonight.

I was just wondering how most people perceive online support groups for people with autistic spectrum condition?

There are all sorts out there – ones for people with ASC, ones for parents of kids with ASC, ones for partners of people with ASC and so on.  You’d think they’d all be working together for the same things. But sadly I find most groups so disappointing that I feel leaving the lot of them.

Groups for people with ASC constantly attacking anyone who doesn’t have an ASC.  Lumping all “neurotypicals” in together and ignoring that all humans are unique.

While groups for parents and partners constantly trying to push conformity on children and attack adults with ASC for being “abnormal” like being “normal” is somehow the holy grail.

There seems to be no middle ground at all.

I am lucky to have found a few good groups – there is one for parents with ASC who have kids with ASC, and there are two locally based groups for parents that just focus on helping people with ASC and don’t buy into the controversies and attacking others like so many other groups do.

But what is wrong with the human race?  Why is it so easy to attack people for their differences instead of banding together based on our similarities?

I don’t know.  It’s probably just that I haven’t had enough sleep and am letting things get to me as a result of the lack of sleep, but I’m just feeling really disappointed by the whole human race tonight.


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