A quick note

So finally able to eat again completely properly.  I can’t remember the last time food tasted so good!

Despite being able to eat again, I’m still pretty sick so tonight I’ll just post a link to something I was reading.

One of my biggest passions is to try and make people aware of the abuse of mental health patients that goes on in Qld hospitals and it saddens me all the many people who want to bury it.  I found this wonderful article about a medical student who had the courage to speak out about what she saw.  I wonder what happened to her – if she ended up becoming a doctor or if her career was totally destroyed by having the courage and honour to stand up.

Wherever she is today, I hope she knows she did the right thing and is appreciated by the many people who have been abused by the system.

Meg Challenges a Sick System

Health Chiefs Gag UQ Medical Students

Thanks Meg for standing up!

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