Not very well tonight

Well shortly after I wrote my post last night I went to bed.  It was not long after I started having severe stomach cramps.  Rose and I had had gastro enteritis since monday (three days ago) but it was all just diarrhoea (and a bit of nausea for me).  I couldn’t sleep as the stomach cramps got worse and I started vomitting so around 2am I had to get John to take me to hospital.

I had a lovely doctor but was told they can’t really do much for gastro.  Rose was diagnosed as “nearly better” and I was told I’d just have to ride it out.  Given some maxalon to try and stop the vomiting which unfortunately didn’t work and then spent the next 12 hours the sickest I’ve ever felt in my life.  Being a nurse, I’ve picked up gasto a lot of times – especially when I was working in aged care – but this was definitely the worst I’ve ever had it.

I will spare the gory details but it was awful. I haven’t slept yet, despite trying all day.  I finally got some food down a few hours ago (just some of Rose’s baby rice crackers because it’s all my stomach could handle).  I had to send poor John out to the chemist to get mylanta as I’ve had severe heartburn from all the vomiting.  The vomiting has finally stopped, but still have some stomach cramps and diarrhoea.  As well a really sore ribs and back from the force of the vomiting.

I’m supposed to work tomorrow, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

Sorry that’s all I’m going to write tonight as I’m really tired and not well.  Hope it wasn’t too much information I’ve shared.


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