Not much better today

Little Rose has been spreading her germs.  Both myself and my mother in law have come down with Rose’s infection.  I should have known by the earache yesterday I was getting sick (I always get an earache the day before catching any sort of virus).

Sammie missed the group for bullying and managing emotions – ironically because she had a massive meltdown because John wouldn’t buy her fast food on the way to it.  She called John so many nasty names that he ended up going to bed and crying and having an asperger shutdown.

All up it’s been a pretty awful day.  I’ve survived it pretty well I think, still feeling 8 out of 10 in mood so not going to fall apart but it’s been rough.

Also saw my other psychologist today.  The perinatal one.  She said she was proud of me for hanging in at work despite the anxiety.  Other than that, I’m honestly so tired I can’t really remember what we talked about.

Anyway, just this short post tonight as I’m way too tired to try and put thoughts together sorry.


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