The first post

And so begins my new blog…

I will start with why I wanted to write this blog.  In my short 30 something years I have been through many things and the unique story of my unique life and my unique mind is something I believe is worth sharing.  I believe it is worth sharing because I want to reach out to others who have been through similar, to let them know they are not alone and because I want to reach out to those who have never been through similar so they can get a better understanding of others go through in life.

I hope to share with you both my joys and my sorrows, my good times and my bad.  I hope I can convey some humour and I will be totally honest and hope I don’t offend anyone with my bluntness.

About me….

I am a 30 something, married mum of two kids I love with all my heart.  I am from Qld, Australia and now live in another state that at this stage I won’t name for privacy reasons.  Maybe one day I will, but for now I won’t.   I am a Christian who takes their faith seriously.  Most of my posts though will focus on mental health which is my passion.  I have worked as a mental health nurse before taking time out for my own mental health, and I am trained in psychology and neuroscience as well.  I have witnessed both the best and the worst of the mental health profession in this country. Over the years I have had many labels, some right, some wrong.  For my own mental health I am working with a variety of therapists and they have updated my diagnoses to bipolar (I or II, still not sure), anxiety (generalised and social), PTSD and aspergers (or technically now known as “high functioning autistic spectrum disorder”).

I will be sharing links to other websites that have touched or inspired me, and ones that have simply comforted me that even though I am unique, that I am not alone.  I hope with my blog that I too will encourage others that they are not alone.

Welcome to the journey into a unique mind!


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